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Research by Susan McNeill, with guest writer Maureen Wynn
I made the mistake of playing a little round-robin fiction game with Susan McNeill, whom I met on the KFFIC list, and she put our resultant Kermit romance- novel- gone- terribly- wrong into a story she wrote. I ask you, is that fair?

Here's the original mutant round robin: Kermit of Afghanistan Warning: Not for the faint of heart! GRIN!

The Dread Pirate Peter
I can't believe I've never posted this here! I found it recently on an old disk, and decided to "rescue" it from its justly-deserved oblivion. A sequel, of sorts (very strange sorts) to "Kermit of Afghanistan".

Bad Boys
Another thing I recently discovered, on that same old disk. A story I'd written for a very odd fanzine written by the collective that is the NatPack. Be a-feared...

orange ribbon What Color is the Sky in Your Universe?
A silly and strange "Lois and Clark" fic written as a present for a friend.

A poem about Wolf from "The 10th Kingdom"

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