Kermit of Afghanistan

by Maureen Wynn & Susan McNeill
Copyright 1996


"Yes, my only love?"

"Would you like to tear my clothes off and make mad passionate love to me?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"....

"But first," breathlessly, she moaned, "oh, my Sultan of The Desert Eagle...."

"Yes...." he answered, gently nibbling his way down her neck.

"Pleeeeese remove my offending clothing... release me to be your servant."

Deftly, he obliged the lusty desert maiden. "Let me make you the center of my universe." Slowly, he teased the delirious woman. Driving his...(wait, never mind what he was driving...;))

Screaming in ecstasy, she was transported to the oasis found only in the pleasures of the flesh. Finally finding the satisfaction she'd longed for night after lonely night alone in the caravan. A young, nubile woman with surprisingly little clothing, surrounded by elderly, tired old men. Completely filled with the glow of his powerful lovemaking, Suzann gasped, "Now, my Lord, may I serve you?"

In a sexy rasping tone, he replied, "Oh yeah....."

"Yes, my lord?" Suzann sleepily replied, replete with the fruits of her passion, her pink flushed body draped over the bronzed flesh of her lover. His strong but tender hands moved sensuously over her zaftig curves, eliciting moans and gasps from her sweet lips.

"Thrill me, my love!" her mysterious green-glassed lover demanded mercilessly.

"Yes, my lord, yes! Tell me how!" she begged.

"Could you... would you..."

"Yes, anything!" she replied deliriously.

"...make me some dinner? I'm starved!"

The desirable American rouge waited for his willing servant's return. After a longgggggg and tense period of time, the taunting desert flower beckoned him to part the curtains and enjoy a tempting refreshment.

His eyes drank in the sight of his awaiting feast of fantasy. The naked maiden reclined before him, drenched in honey. Grapes scattered across the inviting ocean of her body. Wantonly, she stretched before him, offering her flesh as his nourishment. (yummy, huh?)

"Well...... some dinner party you throw, sweet cakes." He leered hotly at her undulating navel.

"Oh, my lord. Satisfy ALL your hungers from my newly awakened talents. Make me feel your need. Use me for your pleasure." She licked her ruby red lips and spread her wares before his IMPRESSIVE (and I do mean... IMPRESSIVE) manhood.

Once again, he thrust himself into her welcoming softness as he leaned forward to retrieve a "snack" from her glistening mounds of womanhood.

After dispatching the evil, frigid Sultan with a swift slice of his blade, the merciless mercenary (say that 3 times fast!) mounted a fine Arabian steed. The rippling muscles of his arms glistened as he pulled his lover into the saddle behind him.

The tender maiden pressed her quivering bosom into the hardness of his back as the galloped into the desert. Behind them, the caravan burst into flames as Kermit casually tossed grenades in their wake (always prepared... just like a Boy Scout!).

Reaching the safety of the dunes, he dismounted (for now!) and caught the supple body of the young woman as she swooned into his eager embrace. Resting her enticing womanhood onto the warm sands, he quickly removed her brief but confining chiffon blouse to ease her gasping and panting breaths. (yeah.... what a guy!).

Fluttering her eyelids open, she was greeting with the hot perfume of his breath on her lips, her neck, her......

"Oh, my lord. You have rescued me from a life of pain and deprivation. I would have been doomed to spend my days with old men who have no passion. My tingling sex and transparent clothing would have been useless. And still...... still...."

Tasting the honey of her flesh, he prodded (uh-huh!) her to continue, "Yes, my love?" With a firm but sensuous touch, he kneaded the mounds of her breasts as she tensed in the moonlight.

"Still, after you have battled and borne blood and injury for me, you take time to give me pleasure..... ummmmmmm..."

"Nothing, sweet cakes.... but nothing.... makes me hotter than blowing the crap out of something." The desert flower screamed and writhed with the insane pleasure as his vibrating shaft of pleasure filled her velvet womanhood. The powerful lust surged through his loins as he delivered a new lesson of the flesh to his willing pupil. The first of many.....

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