Copyright © 2001 by Maureen Wynn

Don't know which way to go
Don't know which way to turn
Think I've burned
   all my bridges behind me
Howling at the moon.

She loves me
She hates me
She can't live without me
She never wants to see me again
Howling at the moon.

I can't be with the one I love
I can't trust the one who owns me
Death follows behind me,
   goes before me, surrounds me
Howling at the moon.

The reflection before me
   beckons me onward
The memory of my love's face
   fades behind me
Nowhere to go,
   nowhere to turn
Howling at the moon.

All these are Hers
  to own
   to use
    to command
And all I can do
   is howl at the moon.

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