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Bad Nickie! No Cookie!
Nick get an unexpected visit from Natalie.

Changelings and Pod People
Nick and LaCroix... or is it?

St. Valentine's Day
The very first story I ever wrote. Be afraid, be very afraid...!

A story about Schanke and a young friend he meets on the street one day. This story has been published in Knightshift 2, edited by Bea Quindlen, and won a Fan Q Award at MediaWest Con in 1997.

War Stories:
Wars... how do I describe Wars? Every now and then, "Forever Knight" fans become possessed of a mass fit of madness - sort of a folie a'deux times infinity - and decide to play a War game on the FK fiction mailing list (FKFIC-L) which involves a cast of thousands, sleepless nights, numberless cups of caffeinated beverages, un-dead chinchillas, Lurkers, and endless e-mails full of plotting and nefarious fictitious attacks on one another. In other words, more fun than any one human can handle! *G*

These stories may give you some idea of the kinds of things that happen - just read them as indications of how insane FK fans get when they're involved in a virtual War... and remember: In FK fandom, attack is a form of affection!

I do intend to organize these by War eventually, but for the moment they're all jumbled up together, covering events in three (or is that four??) different Wars.

Chaos, Incorporated
Code Word - Goldfish
Coup Fourré
Lawyers V. Vampires
Missing Mercenary Mystery, Part 2
Missing Mercenary Mystery, Part 3
Open For Business
Paybacks Are A B@#$%!
Meet and Greet at the Souvlaki
Strikeforce Maureen Strikes!
Of course, this one was mostly written by the ever-lovin' Mercs, but I got some licks in here... somewhere.
Law and Order?
Okay, I only wrote Part 5 of this madness, but it's just too hilarious to leave the rest out! Many thanks to the Mercs for kidnapping me, and for their warped ideas of "justice"!
Is That a Party In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?
Maybe You Should Get a License for That Thing
The Blond Leading the Blind
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Vamp?

This is the War that included the (in-)famous "Let's Get Naked!" post. My finest hour... (very very evil grin!)

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