Open For Business

by Maureen Wynn
Copyright © 1997

(time: morning after Missing Mercenary Mystery, Part 3)

Maureen was suffering from serious eye-strain. After being incommunicado (isn't that just a wonderful word?) for so long, catching up on her email had taken her much longer than she had anticipated. Rubbing her eyes, she took another sip from her Diet Coke, and looked out the window, thinking. Turning back to her keyboard, she composed a note to go out:

Date: June 5, 1995 2:57
From: Maureen the Mad <>
Subject: Open For Business

Greetings, all! Having ended my previous
entanglements, I am now ready and willing
to take any commissions from anyone who has
need of certain... talents.

No job too big, no job too small!
Juries suborned, tickets fixed, virtue defiled,
taxes cheated, reputations defamed, innocence lost,
death defied, politicians bought, elections rigged,
money laundered, wills broken, lost things found,
found things lost, will fix what's broke, and break
what's fixed! Interested? Call now!

(p.s. - we also walk dogs)

Fees negotiable, references upon request.


Maureen looked over the message, wondering if she should make any changes. Does that sound too desperate? she thought. Nah! If I want to make up for the loss of that last commission, I have to get to work. Disregarding her doubts, she sent off the message into the net.

Considering her other messages, she decide to send off a couple more notes, one, an offer of help to a comrade who seemed to be in trouble, and the second to her favorite Knightie, offering to pay back the favor she owed.

Well, the lines are out there, now I just have to wait and see if I get any nibbles. She gazed thoughtfully at the glowing screen, wondering if she had any bait that would make those lines more tempting... (to bring this analogy to it's completely ludicrous conclusion!).

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