Squishy Things

by Maureen le Mad
Copyright © 1999

Okay, who to blame for this...?? Jeanne was the one who originally used the word "squishy", Elaine was the one who kinda went "ghhaaahhhh!" at the combination of Spike+squishy... and I guess I just took it from there. After I posted it, Elaine's response was, "Damn you, squishmistress. Now I'm going to have to brillo-pad my frontal lobes." All I can say is, this bit of silliness helped me break a writer's block, so it done it's job! Very, very evil GRIN!

"Hi honey, I'm home!" Buffy called as she came through the door, tossing her backpack to land with a thud! on the floor near the couch. She collapsed with a sigh onto the couch, closing her eyes briefly. "What's for dinner?"

The man of the house came through the kitchen door into the living room, looking quite fetching in his pink frilly apron, and carrying a tall glass of iced tea. "Dinner will be ready in just a minute — why don't you have a nice cool drink while you're waiting, luv?"

Buffy took a long swig from the glass, and sighed again, starting to relax.

"Bad night?" Spike asked as he knelt on the floor, and unzipping Buffy's high boots, slowly removed them. He started rubbing her feet, and Buffy moaned and relaxed more completely into the over-stuffed sofa.

"It was a horrible night. We found a nest of vampires in the Plaza, the old movie house. There they were, watching some old Marx Brothers movie on the torn screen, when we came in." Buffy snickered, remembering. "Willow almost got caught by one when she started watching and singing along with "Hail, hail Freedonia."

"Did you... did you kill many of them?" Spike asked quietly, his head averted.

Buffy stopped laughing and her eyes snapped open at the tone of his voice. "Oh, I'm sorry. I... I forgot how you must feel..."

Spike stopped her words with his long fingers over her mouth. "No, it's what you do. It's... it's why I love you." They gazed at one another for a long moment, then Buffy leaned forward and fell into his arms as they kissed, long and deeply. Spike slid his arms under her knees, and standing up, started walking up the stairs, still kissing her.

As the smell of something burning in the kitchen started wafting through the house, the sound of unzipping came from the direction of the bedroom. "What is this squishy thing, huh?" Buffy giggled, and Spike moaned.


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