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The Sunnydale Slayers Strike Back!, Volume 3


The Sunnydale Slayers Strike Back!

is currently available by mail order. Mail a check or money order (made out to Maureen Wynn) for $13.00 ($10.00 for the zine, plus $3.00 for Priority Mail) to:

Celtic Press
c/o Maureen Wynn
6211 Pontiac Street
College Park, MD 20740
E-mail: maureen@maureenwynn.com

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Common Ground   Just a Little Harmless Fun   Hearing Voices   Just Desserts  

Reflections of the Sun   Tweed Man   Drusilla, or, Everyone Comes to the Initiative   The Chosen One  

The Drooling Fan-Girl's Guide   The Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Day  


Stories include:

Common Ground, by Jeanne DeVore
Giles and Joyce comne to an understanding... despite Buffy's best efforts to interfere.

The Chosen One, by Elizabeth Lewis
What if... someone else had been Chosen as the Slayer? Someone we already know...?

Just Desserts, by Cassandra
Ethan escapes from the Initiative, and shows up on Giles' doorstep... literally!

Just a Little Harmless Fun, by Isis
Willow gets some unexpected news from a Gypsy fortuneteller.

and original artwork by Amanda Hall and Miriam Rocke!

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