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The Return of the Sunnydale Slayers!, Volume 2


A Fan Q Award winner at MediaWest Con in May, 2000!

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  Father Figure   Dead Letter Office   Always   A Whiff of Brimstone 

Chaos and Harmony   Maybe Tomorow It Will Rain   Never Again   Toy Soldiers 

Witch's Revenge   One Too Many   Hell Week   A Day of Remembrance 

Shadowland   The Ascension  


Stories include:

Father Figure, by Jeanne DeVore
Buffy's father isn't himself these days... is he a demon? How can Buffy save her father... without killing him?
This story was a Fan Q Award winner at MediaWest Con in May, 2000!

Chaos and Harmony, by Catherine Siemann
Cordelia's having a little trouble with her former-follower Harmony - and the demon that Harmony's summoning!

Toy Soldiers, by Perri Smith
Wesley is trying to understand the Slayerettes, and why they risk their lives the way they do, with a little help from Giles' diaries.

A Whiff of Brimstone, by Marcia Brin
You think Angel had it rough in Hell? His troubles were nothing compared to Ezekiel Stone's! (Buffy/Brimstone crossover)

and original artwork by Sharon M. Palmer, Dawn Steele, and Abby Albrecht!

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