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Deoir Fola: A Drop of Blood
(pronounced: JOH-ihr FO-luh)


Deoir Fola: A Drop of Blood is currently available by mail order. Mail a check or money order (made out to Maureen Wynn) for $8.00 ($5.00 for the zine, $3.00 for Priority mail postage) or $6.50 ($5.00 for the zine, $1.50 for regular first-class postage) to:

Celtic Press
c/o Maureen Wynn
6211 Pontiac Street
College Park, MD 20740
E-mail: maureen@maureenwynn.com

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Mo Ghile Mear   Love Lessons #4   The Debt Collector   Doyle in the Underworld 

The Lie in My Eyes   Theme & Variations   Noche Del Muerto   Silhouette  

Doyle, MIA


Stories include:

Noche Del Muerto, by suricata
Willow casts a spell to bring a ghost back to visit... and brings back more than she anticipated!

The Debt Collector, by Lisa Kincaid
Doyle should be careful about who he owes money to... the payments can be a killer.

Doyle in the Underworld, by Maureen Wynn
Doyle discovers that he's dead... or is he? When he goes to the Powers That Be for some answers, the answers might not be what he expected!

Silhouette, by Yahtzee
Wesley ponders the legacy that Doyle has left him... and wonders if he's capable of stepping into his shoes.

and original artwork by Lisa Kincaid, Jamie R., and Miriam Rocke!
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